Getting Back on the Horse

Companion Horse Journal, a small horse publication published over fifteen years ago by Elliot Rivers Publishing Co.

A personal note to Companion Horse subscribers:

By Paula D. Fauth

At some point in our lives, we all get “bucked off the horse”. I remember being a young rider getting bucked off in a corral.  On my hands and knees, covered in dust, my riding instructor was screaming, “Get Up!  Get back on!  You have to get back on that horse!”

I hesitantly followed her instructions and nervously climbed back on the horse and understood why such fury consumed her voice. It was empowering.

If only it was that easy in life.  Sometimes we get bucked off and we’re hurt and scared and we don’t get back on the horse.  However, the shadow horse lingers in everything we do, taunting us to overcome our fear and find the courage to get back on.

I got bucked off fifteen years ago when I decided to quit Companion Horse.  Nine issues were done, but life events were hindering my ability to financially produce the publication and instead of raising myself out of the dirt and finding a way to overcome my problems, I stayed on the ground, hands and knees planted.  I froze in a life of defeat and distractions, and the longer I waited, the more fear settled in and I lost my nerve to get back on the horse.  However, Companion Horse followed me around like a saddled horse that was left in the pasture, waiting for me to tend to it.

As the years went by, I occupied myself with many diversions, but never parted from my true love of horses and nature and the lessons they teach me. Over the years, I compiled a short collection of stories.  – some you will remember from Companion Horse, like the poem, “A Horse Carries Me”, which became the title for this collection.You may also remember the owl and its teaching about “presence” and of course the best teacher I’ve ever had, Elliot Rivers.  You’ll enjoy learning how Oliver, who was a horse originally written about in Companion Horse, came to live with me and teach about forgiveness, empathy and compassion.

Through this little book, I have mustered the courage to get back on the horse. I know I’ll get bucked off over and over again throughout the rest of the days of my life, but for now it feels good to be back in the saddle with the trail ahead.

–  “Let’s ride friends!”

We’ve attempted to contact all subscriber’s by mail, however, many addresses have changed over the years, so if you haven’t received our letter, please contact us and claim your free copy of A Horse Carries Me, as a gift from us!